12-13 Oct 2023 Neuville Sur Oise (France)

Journées Acoustique & Instrumentation

Thematic Days of the Electronics Section of the EEA Club

Acoustics and Instrumentation: Evolution and Applications

12 - 13 October 2023

Cergy - Paris

Free but compulsory registration before 30/09/2023


We are pleased to invite you to Cergy - Paris to take part in the Acoustics & Instrumentation Days on 12 and 13 October 2023.

These days are open to the general public, and particularly to teachers and researchers in Electronics-Instrumentation and Acoustics in all its colours! The aim is to provide an overview of developments in these fields and the associated instrumentation for a wide range of applications: biomedical and imaging, biology, musicology and non-destructive testing. This will be an opportunity for participants to broaden their knowledge and share their techniques in Acoustics through two plenary lectures and a round-table discussion. A poster session will also be organised for researchers wishing to illustrate and communicate their work.

We look forward to seeing many of you at these days, which we hope will be convivial and fruitful in Acoustics!

We look forward to welcoming you to Cergy and exchanging ideas with you.

Meriem Chrifi Alaoui and Salah Eddine Hebaz



Organising committee :
- Salah Eddine Hebaz, MCF Satie Laboratory, CY Cergy Paris Université
- Meriem Chrifi Alaoui, MCF IEMN Laboratory, Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France
- Gilles Despaux, PU IES Laboratory, University of Montpellier
- Nicolas Wilkie-Chancelier, PU Satie Laboratory, CY Cergy Paris Université
- Andres Arciniegas Mosquera, MCF Laboratoire Satie, CY Cergy Paris Université
- Jennifer Denis, Secretary Laboratoire Satie, CY Cergy Paris Université
SATIE Secretariat:                         Organisers :
Tel: 01 34 25 68 99                          jeea-acoustics-2023@sciencesconf.org
Mail: jennifer.denis@cyu.fr              Club EEA :
https://satie.ens-paris-saclay.fr       https://clubeea.com/ 


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12 and 13 October 2023


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PhD Students




Open until 30/09/23


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